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Design + Creative Direction by Andrew Fisher

People are saying nice things about Andrew.

People are saying nice things.

Lacey Picazo

Founder + Principal at ZoCo Design

Andrew was an exceptional design director for our agency, and possesses a very rare blend of qualities that would make him an asset in any company. While at ZoCo, Andrew was both a first-rate designer and director, as well as a fantastic mentor and teacher—without an ounce of ego. Additionally, he also served as a client liaison, creative strategist, and process-driven business leader. Anyone who works in the creative services industry knows that finding someone who can successfully wear each of these hats is a challenge, but Andrew was somehow able to excel across all of these responsibilities. He was also a very loyal and supportive team member, each of us knowing we could count on him. He truly emulated our brand values and created a stronger culture and team environment.

Andrew Fisher is a phenomenal design director, and I would recommend him without question. He made a great impact on each person at ZoCo—myself included. I look forward to finding a future opportunity to work together.



Jennifer May

Senior Digital Project Manager

Andrew is hands down my favorite Creative Director that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with and I feel it will be challenging moving on to another company without him.

In the 3 years that I worked with Andrew, I watched him evolve the Fine Citizens brand and grow his design team. He created the marketing materials, assets, site, and gave photography direction to really transform the agency. He mentored young designers to help them grow professionally into their career and I could see how his mentorship made a stronger more confident design team.

It was during my time at Fine Citizens and working with Andrew that I really found my love for great design. Anything that was produced under Andrew’s leadership was beautiful and something that our agency could be very proud of.

In addition to Andrew’s design talent and team leadership, he is also great at creating estimates. When I would meet with Andrew to go over scope of a project he was able to give me very accurate estimates which allowed us to always hit our timelines for design.

Anyone that has the opportunity to hire Andrew will be very happy with their choice to bring him on, I personally can attest to his many talents!



Kattie Baker

Interactive Designer

Looking at my portfolio of work over the past five years, my growth as a designer has been the most progressive during the three years I worked under Andrew's creative direction.

I've always prided myself in being detail-oriented and organized, but Andrew has more than rivaled that quality. His suggestions to my designs were always thoughtful and would often challenge my decisions in good spirit.

Andrew was also a great mentor, teaching me how to get to the root of client feedback, advising me on how to ask the right questions, encouraging me to speak up confidently on my ideas, and impressing upon me the importance of the Oxford comma—which we've agreed to disagree about.



Russell Skaggs

Creative Technologist

Andrew has a gift for reading people. I have seen this demonstrated countless times in design reviews with our clients. But that gift extends to more than just selling work. His ability to read people has empowered him to mold young designers into fierce industry professionals.

You can measure a designers talent by the effectiveness of their solution. But you measure a leader by the effectiveness of their team. During our shared time at Fine Citizens, Andrew has never ceased to blow me away on both fronts.



Phil Wilson

Founder, President & CEO at Fine Citizens

There is no one who is more driven to deliver great design than Andrew. Period. That, alone, makes Andrew unique but his real value is found in his capacity to lead and his talent for making everything he touches better.

In three short years, Andrew helped transform our company from a small design shop to a world class digital agency. His contributions to our firm are immeasurable and can never fully be rewarded.

Andrew is a considerate steward of client projects and great leader. He is meticulous, thorough, and thoughtful. Everyone in our company respected and looked-up to him, not just his design team, and they were very comfortable following his good guidance.

Beyond being an exceptional designer, Andrew is a great mentor. Under his leadership, each designer grew significantly, both professionally and personally. He not only makes designs better, he makes people better. Andrew always knows how to provide just the right kind of guidance to make good things great. And his talent and incredible precision inspires everyone around him to rise to his level.

Andrew also brought all our groups together and helped rally everyone around the common goal of creating exceptional experiences.

I often think of the story of Giotto di Bondone, an Italian painter and architect of the 1300s: "...when the Pope sent a messenger to Giotto, asking him to send a drawing to demonstrate his skill, Giotto drew a red circle so perfect that it seemed as though it was drawn using a pair of compasses and instructed the messenger to send it to the Pope. The messenger departed ill pleased, not doubting that he had been made a fool of. When the messenger related how he had made the circle without moving his arm and without the aid of compasses the Pope and his courtiers were amazed at how Giotto's skill greatly surpassed all of his contemporaries."

Andrew is the modern day Giotto.



Todd Roeth

Creative Director

Andrew is proficient, dependable, responsible, and driven to create thorough, effective, and professional graphic work. That is the baseline that Andrew set for the almost two years I worked with him. Above and beyond that standard, he always brought tasteful approaches and polished details to anything he touched. A pleasure to work with, he always looks beyond the mental and physical walls that any job inherently confines people to, and reaches in new directions that elevate the work he is involved in.



Tom Poje

Senior Copywriter

In the simplest of terms, Andrew is an artistic technician. His work is creative, clean, and even elegant at times. I have seen him create breath-taking solutions that have transformed campaigns into something truly special. Specifically for one client's conference exhibit, Andrew produced artwork that elevated the entire booth experience. It was innovative, creative, and impactful. Pretty amazing given he was working within pharma! Honestly, I would work with Andrew again in a heartbeat.